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The Elevator Company, LLC

    Commercial and Residential
      Elevator Service & Repair


Servicing Western North Carolina & Beyond


Did You Know . . .
There are over 24,000 Home Elevators in North Carolina alone.

Like every other elevator, your home elevator needs to have a Maintenance Control Program (M.C.P.) to routinely check:    

  • Cables & Shackles
  • Counterweights
  • Safety Circuit
  • Door Locks
  • Gate Switch
  • Stop Switch
  • Emergency Phone
  • Emergency Light & Alarm Bell
  • Emergency Lowering Device
  • Roller Guides or Guide Shoes
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Maintenance Inspections should be done by Qualified Elevator Personnel and Inspections by Qualified Elevator Inspectors.
                               The Elevator Company is QEI certified to inspect, service and install your elevator.